Zlatan Statue Vandalized in Malmo

by Denis Metev

The Zlatan statue in Malmo was vandalized and his property was sprayed with the word “Judas” after the Swede bought stakes in Stockholm-based Malmo rivals Hammarby.

The incidents happened on Wednesday evening following the announcement that Ibrahimovic had acquired a stake in Hammarby, according to the police.

Initially, fans thought that the 38-year old Swedish superstar will play for Hammarby after a post on Instagram with his name on the back of their jersey.

Zlatan statue vandalized, “Judas” written on his property

Malmo police told CNN that it had opened up a case to investigate the vandalism of the statue outside the local football stadium, as well as a separate case over threats made against Ibrahimovic. Suspects are yet to be arrested or charged.

Fans of Malmo, the club where Zlatan started his professional soccer career, appear to be angry about his decision to invest in rivals Hammarby. The word “Judas” was written on the gates of Zlatan’s property in Stockholm and the word “gypsy” – on the floor next to his statue. Ibrahimovic, himself, though seems far away from such sentiments.

“Hammarby is a fantastic club with passionate supporters and is well respected in both Stockholm and Sweden. I have always liked the club and its fans, and I’m also impressed with the club’s achievements over the last years, both on and off the pitch. To be part of and to assist Hammarby in its progress feels both fun and exciting.”, Ibra told Hammarby’s website.

Zlatan also denied all speculations that he might return to play in the Swedish league again.

“I’ve said for 10 years that I’m not going to play football in the Allsvenskan. It’s not going to happen.”

The former LA Galaxy man is still a free agent, one of the hottest ones around, despite his age and everyone is trying to guess what his next move will be.

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