Terms of Use

by Denis Metev


Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting apsportseditors.org (from now on known as “we,” “website,” ”us”). Terms of Use are applicable to the intended use of the website and take effect from your first visit. By using our site, you agree to all Terms of Use.

  1. Restrictions

Under no circumstances, may the website be used for:

1.1.    Any unlawful, obscene, discriminatory, racist, or fraudulent way, or in any way that might cause injury to laws of the United States.

1.2.    Posting any kind of spam or any type of unauthorized promotional content and advertising.

1.3.    Under no circumstances may you deploy spiders, bots, or crawlers that collect and extract information, unless we give you our express consent.

1.4.    Under no circumstances may you publish, sell, rent, or distribute any information on the website without our explicit permission.

1.5.    Under no circumstances may you interrupt the lawful use of our website. 

1.6.    You cannot remove or modify any trademarks and ownership rights notices on our website.

  1. Intellectual property

2.1.    apsportseditors.org is the sole owner of all content posted on the website unless stated otherwise specifically. Therefore, it is protected by the copyright laws of the US.

2.2.    You cannot remove, obscure or modify any trademark, copyright or service mark incorporated within the website.

  1. Limitations of Liability

3.1.    apsportseditors.org is not legally answerable for any indirect, incidental, consequential personal or asset injuries, loss, property damage, loss of data or hardware malfunctions as a result of using our website.

3.2.    apsportseditors.org is not liable for any damages or losses that come from following the advice or opinion posted by our reviewers. Our reviews are based on personal opinions of our reviewers, thus are in no shape, way or form, identical to the opinions of the website itself.

3.3.    Our website uses external links. We are not responsible for any losses and/or damages caused by following said links and content these links lead to.

  1. Disclaimer

4.1.   We provide content and services “as is” and “as available” without any warranty, to the extent permissible by US law. Use the content at your own risk.

4.2.    We do not guarantee that our website will work without any interruptions. Such cases may include without being limited to, power outages, network failures, updates, maintenance or any disruption beyond our reasonable control.

  1. Reviews

5.1.    Our reviewers promise to present their personal views in the reviews. They will not use their reviews to slander, infringe or damage the subject’s reputation in any means.

5.2.    Our website reserves the right to all reviews on the site. We may use them in any way permissible by law or remove them completely at our convenience.

  1. General

6.1.    We may change our Terms of Use, as well as Privacy Policy, or any other relevant policy at any given time to follow changes in our business practice, as well as to comply with the law and regulations of the United States. Visitors of the site will be immediately informed about such changes and the changes will be displayed on the website itself.

6.2.    We are not responsible for any voluntary or involuntary breach of any of our terms of use on your side, beyond our reasonable control.

6.3.    The rights and obligations you have on this website are not transferable to other persons.

  1. Laws and Jurisdiction

7.1.    The aforementioned terms and conditions are governed by the law of the United States and are subject to the court system in the United States.

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