NWO to Be Inducted in WWE HoF

by Denis Metev

NWO or the New World Order are set to be inducted in WWE’s Hall of Fame Class of 2020. The group will be represented by its four core members – Hulk Hogan, Scot Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman (X-Pac).

NWO 4 life

The stable was created in WCW on July 7, 1996, with leader Hulk Hogan, who turned heel at the time, alongside The Outsiders – Kevin Nash and Scot Hall, who had recently jumped ship from WWE in favor of big wage increases.

After the news appeared, Hulk Hogan spoke to ESPN:

“You’ve got four guys that were basically going at Vince as a shoot, pushing hard to actually try to take over…Not put him out of business but basically take his spot and be the No. 1 company. All of a sudden, you’re inducting four guys in the Hall of Fame that 20 years ago were trying to stab you in the back. It’s like Vince says: In the WWE, never say never.”

Over the course of its existence, until 2001, the NWO had multiple members and changed its structure a couple of times. Here are just some of the wrestlers in the New World Order throughout the years: Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, The Giant, nWo Sting, Rick Rude, Dusty Rhodes, Konnan, Eric Bischof, Lex Luger, Jeff Jarrett, Booker T… the list goes on.

Another wrestling legend who was announced as a HOF 2020 inductee is Batista, who has enjoyed acting success in recent years.

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