Vandals Attacked Zlatan’s Statue Again, Sawed the Ankles Off

by Denis Metev

Zlatan’s statue in Malmo has been vandalized again. This time the vandals managed to saw off the ankles, causing the statue to collapse. “Take away” was written with graffiti next to it, police discovered at 3.30 am local time on Sunday. The face of the statue was covered with a shirt that had the Swedish badge on it.

In previous attacks, the statue was covered with graffiti and had its nose cut off. The 3.5-meter tall bronze structure was also sprayed, covered and set on fire, and had a toilet seat on its arm.

The cause for all of these attacks – Zlatan Ibrahimovic announcing he bought a 25% stake in local rivals Hammarby.

Zlatan’s statue will be brought back

A spokesperson for the Malmo municipality’s sport and recreation department told BBC Sport that the statue will be taken away for repairs, with the plan being to bring it back up on its place. Malmo deputy mayor Frida Trollmyr also commented on the subject, saying:

“I can understand that many people are disappointed in Zlatan’s behavior, but vandalizing a statute is simply unworthy. Better to express your dissatisfaction in a democratic way.”

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