Bad News for United: Marcus Rashford out for Six Weeks

by Dusan Jovanovic

Marcus Rashford will be out of play for at least six weeks after sustaining a double stress fracture in his back, United manager Ole Solskjaer confirmed. The Norwegian spoke after Manchester’s loss to Liverpool 2-0, saying:

“He has suffered a bad injury. It’s a stress fracture, it happened against Wolverhampton. It’s unlucky for Marcus, he will be out for a while for us.”

“He won’t be back until after the mid-season break. I don’t know how long it is, I’m not the doctor. Normally a stress fracture is six weeks to heal. Then he needs some recovery and rehab after that probably.”

United need another striker, amidst Marcus Rashford injury

With United’s top goalscorer out for six weeks or more, the management definitely needs to think about getting a new striker. Ole, himself, confessed the team might be forced into the transfer market.

“It’s an unfortunate situation we are in,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports.

“We might look at some short-term deals as well. If there are the right players there and they fit, we can buy. If there are loans available, that might be possible.”

United are still 5th in the standings after their 2-0 away loss at ‘Anfield’, four points behind 4-placed Chelsea. It was obvious on Sunday night though that The Red Devils were suffering in front of goal, without inspiration from Marcus Rashford.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team has been quite dependent on their top striker’s form this season – 19 goals from Rashford in all competitions, while Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood – 11 and 9 goals respectively.

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