Alberto Bettiol Indignant at How Little Women Win in Prize Money

by Dusan Randjelovic

The prize money given to women at the Tour of Flanders, which is one of the biggest one-day races in both sexes’ WorldTour schedules, is a “disgrace,” says Alberto Bettiol.

Italian rider Bettiol won the Tour of Flanders, earning €20,000 in prize money. Meanwhile, his compatriot Marta Bastianelli received just €1,265 for winning the women’s edition. Unfair much?

The cobbled classic features some of the biggest names in women’s cycling. It was won by Britons Nicole Cooke in 2007 and Lizzie Deignan in 2016. The route of the women’s race is similar to the men’s and is among the most prestigious as well.

Alberto Bettiol appeals for equality

However, the prize money women receive is significantly less to that given to men. That’s the case in many WorldTour races, and Bettiol has noticed. He landed the first win in his career in Belgium in April and later, when talking to a reporter from the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, said: 

“We earn a lot via our contracts but prize money is very low. The winner of the Tour of Flanders gets only €20,000. It’s even worse for the women.”

According to him, the fact that Marta Bastianelli won only €1,265 is a “disgrace and unfair because she suffered just [as much] or perhaps even more and women cycling is now an established reality.”

In fact, just one women’s WorldTour race, the RideLondon Classique, offers riders equal prize money regardless of sex. The sum of €100,000 makes it the richest one-day event in world cycling.

As 2020 is approaching, it’s hight time sportswomen got equal salaries and prize money as sportsmen. Alberto Bettiol is one of many who speak of that injustice that is yet to be rectified.

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