Tyson Fury Says He’ll ‘Flatten’ Brock Lesnar in Any Fight

by Stevan Plavšić

Tyson Fury has recently talked about fighting numerous opponents in different sports. He wants his rematch with Deontay Wilder. He wants to fight other heavyweight boxers. He wants to fight top UFC heavyweights in MMA.

And now Tyson Fury wants to fight Lesnar

“Yeah, I fancy a fight with Brock, for sure,” Fury said. “I watched a few of his fights – pretty handy, but I can flatten him. In a WWE match or in a proper fight, I can flatten Brock Lesnar in 30 seconds.”, Fury said in the “True Geordie” podcast.

Tyson Fury already made his debut in WWE. He defeated Braun Strowman less than a month ago at “Crown Jewel” via count-out.  “Gypsy King” was reportedly given $15 million for his efforts.

Brock Lesnar is currently retired from MMA, but a clash between “The Beast” and “The Furious One”. Boxing and keeping the fight standing would be Fury’s potential chances for a win. Lesnar is renown for his wrestling abilities, so going to the ground is not going to end well for Fury.

But Fury appears to be serious about getting into MMA. He has had a training session with UFC middleweight Darren Till. According to the UFC fighter, there is a 70% possibility for Fury to actually fight inside the Octagon.

However, a battle between the two within WWE looks more likely to happen. Lesnar is current WWE Champion and Fury has already entered the world of wrestling. Vince McMahon and WWE fans worldwide will undoubtedly be more than excited about such a prospect.

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