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From the president: Busy, exciting times for us all Sept. 29, 2010

From my perch in Knoxville, Tenn., not a day goes by that I’m not reminded about the responsibility I have in representing Associated Press Sports Editors.
Not to mention cops and courts and the NCAA. That has nothing to do with APSE.
I imagine I must have impressed enough people during the voting process in the summer of 2009 to be elected an officer. I hit the ground running — even before that to be honest — and have not stopped.
I’ve just concluded three months of my one-year term as president.
E-mails, Facebook messages and phone calls from APSE members (keep them coming), along with the occasional reporter to get my take on the world we work in, is something I welcome and seems to never end.
So how are we doing?
Digital media (It’s hard to call us newspapers anymore with the all the platforms we work on each day) … depends on how you look at it. In the past three months, I’ve noticed a lot of job movement. Especially newspapers in the Southeast hiring beat reporters. A good sign for sure, but it’s also possible that staffs were cut so short previously that the newspaper needed to go out and hire someone to fill the position.
Despite the job postings and movement, words such as furloughs, buyouts and bankruptcy won’t go away, especially if you read Romenesko every week.
APSE: I’m more of an expert when it comes to this.
One thing is for sure, our organization is getting its name out there.
Dave Kindred wondered “why any sportswriter would raise hell” about APSE giving the Red Smith Award to Mitch Albom. And Jason Whitlock wrote about the “idiots running APSE” and the “political ass kissing organization that pretends to be sports writing’s selfless guardian” in his follow-up to Kindred’s piece.
I was asked by some members if APSE should respond publicly. We didn’t. It was a group decision and the right one. The Red Smith winner, voted on by a panel including previous winners, was announced last March.
APSE has found a voice and a name in social media with close to 2,500 followers on Twitter at apse_sportmedia. More than 1,400 journalists and websites linked to APSE are followed. It’s a great data base if you’re using Twitter.
So what has APSE been up to since the convention ended June 26:
*- Region meetings were held in Oklahoma City (Great Plains) and San Antonio (Southwest) in July.
*- The West region meeting is scheduled for Nov. 8 in Reno, Nev. Six more regions will meet with the majority to be held in the spring.
*- APSE partnered with the National Sports Journalism Center in Indianapolis on Sept. 20 to host a workshop for students and journalists. Roy Peter Clark of Poynter led the way with John Branch of the New York Times, L. John Wertheim of Sports Illustrated and Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas French. For me, it was a great opportunity to step out of the editor’s role and learn some great writing tools for storytelling and reporting.
*- APSE is looking to partner with the National Sports Journalism Center on another workshop in the spring that will also involve the Association for Women in Sports Media.
*- APSE returns to Hampton University in Newport News, Va., on Nov. 9 for the third annual Day of Diversity. I’ll be joined by former APSE president Lynn Hoppes of ESPN.com, Greg Lee of the Boston Globe, Nick Mathews of the Daily Press, Colleen McDaniel of the Virginian-Pilot, Steve Trosky of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and other professionals to work with students on a day-long project. USA Today, the Daily Press, Richmond Times-Dispatch and Virginian-Pilot have made financial contributions to pay for the lunch. Scripps Howard Foundation will provide two $3,000 stipends to be used for an internship starting in June at an APSE member. Both students will receive “boot camp training” at Poynter and be considered full-fledged Sports Journalism Institute class members.
*- You can now join APSE or renew membership with a credit card on the website.
*- The deadline for the Website contest is Oct. 8. Contest chair and First Vice-President Michael Anastasi and Second Vice-President Gerry Ahern have worked hard to add another viewing date and add another division to the category. It’s simple to enter: name of newspaper, total unique users per month, and your name.
*- Contest judging and the winter conference will be in Indianapolis, Feb. 12-16 on the campus of IUPUI. The room rate is $119. NCAA president Mark Emmert is expected to address the group and we’re looking to secure tickets for the Pacers game against the Heat. If you plan on being a judge, contact Anastasi at manastasi@sltrib.com.
*- It’s never too early to start working on contest entries. April 5 and June 27 have already been picked for mandatory dates. The two other mandatory dates will be announced Jan. 1. The contest flyer will be sent out as an e-mail in early January and will be available on APSE’s website apsportseditors.org.
*- The 2011 convention will be in Boston, June 22-25. Joe Sullivan of the Boston Globe is working on a great program that will likely include Fenway Park on opening night.
That’s a brief overview of what’s going on.
I’ll be working on membership and talking to new members of APSE.
And as always, I encourage your feedback on how we can do a better job.
Phil Kaplan is president of APSE and Sports Editor of the Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel. You can reach him at kaplanp@knoxnews.com or (865) 342-6285. You also follow him at Twitter www.twitter.com/philkaplan or Facebook www.facebook.com


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