Contest Winners

Best Writing of 2006 May 26, 2010


  1. Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times:   Columns 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (.pdf)
  2. John Canzano, The Oregonian:   Columns 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (.pdf)
  3. Selena Roberts, New York Times:   Columns (.pdf)
  4. Harvey Araton, New York Times:   Columns (.pdf)
  5. Thomas Boswell, Washington Post:   Columns 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (.pdf)

Honorable mention:

  • Gwen Knapp, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Rick Morrissey, Chicago Tribune
  • Joe Posnanski, Kansas City Star
  • Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press
  • Kevin Sherrington, Dallas Morning News


  1. Mike Wise, Washington Post:   Story (.pdf)
  2. Dave Hyde, South Florida Sun-Sentinel:   Story 1 | 2 (.pdf)
  3. Mike Wagner, Columbus Dispatch
  4. (tie) Brad Townsend, Dallas Morning News:   Story (.pdf)
    (tie) Kevin Manahan, Newark Star-Ledger

Honorable mention:

  • Bill Briggs, Denver Post
  • Stan Grossfeld, Boston Globe
  • Mark Kram, Philadelphia Daily News
  • Juliet Macur, New York Times
  • Elizabeth Merrill, Kansas City Star


  1. Juliet Macur, New York Times:   Story (.pdf)
  2. Joseph A. Reaves, Craig Harris and Nick Piecoro, Arizona Republic:   Story (.pdf)
  3. Ken Davidoff, Newsday:   Story 1 | 2 (.pdf)
  4. (tie) Gordon Edes, Boston Globe
    (tie) George King, New York Post

Honorable mention:

  • Dave Curtis, Orlando Sentinel
  • Mike DeArmond, Kansas City Star
  • Dick Jerardi, Philadelphia Daily News
  • Jeff Legwold and Kevin Vaughan, Rocky Mountain News
  • Diane Pucin, Los Angeles Times


  1. Kevin Manahan, Newark Star-Ledger:   Story (.pdf)
  2. Mark Zeigler, San Diego Union-Tribune:   Story (.pdf)
  3. Chris Jenkins, San Diego Union-Tribune:   Story (.pdf)
  4. Dick Jerardi, Philadelphia Daily News:   Story (.pdf)
  5. Erik Brady, USA Today:   Story (.pdf)

Honorable mention:

  • Mike Bresnahan, Los Angeles Times
  • Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times
  • Rich Hofmann, Philadelphia Daily News
  • Steve Hummer, Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Rick Maese, Baltimore Sun


  1. Eric Sharp, Detroit Free Press:   Story (.pdf)
  2. Jon Wilner, San Jose Mercury News:   Story (.pdf)
  3. Gordon Edes, Boston Globe
  4. Ed Hinton, Orlando Sentinel:   Story (.pdf)
  5. Daniel Uthman, The Oregonian:   Story 1 | 2 (.pdf)

Honorable mention:

  • John Eisenberg, Baltimore Sun
  • Harvey Fialkov, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  • Bill Reiter, Kansas City Star
  • Eli Saslow, Washington Post
  • Dave Scheiber, St. Petersburg Times


  1. Jodi Upton, Steve Wieberg, Michael McCarthy, Steve Berkowitz and Kelly Whiteside, USA Today:   Story (.pdf)
  2. Bob Hohler, Boston Globe:   Story 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (.pdf)
  3. Jere Longman, New York Times:   Story (.pdf)
  4. Randy Covitz, Bob Dutton, J. Brady McCollough, Sam Mellinger, Jeff Passan, Joe Posnanski, Matt Stearns and Wright Thompson, Kansas City Star
  5. Joe Freeman, The Oregonian:   Story 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (.pdf)

Honorable mention:

  • Mark Alesia, Indianapolis Star
  • Lonnie White and Gary Klein, Los Angeles Times
  • Kevin Baxter, Miami Herald
  • Richard Meryhew, Rachel Blount and Jay Weiner, Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Brian Baxter, Ian Begley, Filip Bondy, Peter Botte, Rich Cimini, Wayne Coffey, John Dellapina, Bill Gallo, Frank Isola, Mitch Lawrence, Mike Lupica, Bill Madden, Anthony McCarron, Michael Obernauer, Sean O’Connell, Bob Raissman, Christian Red, Sherry Ross, Roger Rubin, Ebenezer Samuel, Tim Smith, Jesse Spector, Ralph Vacchiano and Vic Ziegel, New York Daily News

■ Here’s a HUGE tip for making the PDF download process easier: Instead of clicking on the link to open the PDF from the browser, simply put your cursor over the link and right click and choose either "Save Target As…" (in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) or "Save Target Link As…" (in Netscape and Mozilla Firefox). What this will do is download the PDF to your harddrive. Once it’s on your harddrive, it is much easier and faster to open and print.

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